Tourney Wishlist

Since the game is nearing release, I decided to post some thoughts on the tourney system. I am aware that some things changed with the newest update, but I decided to post these thoughts now rather than later. My biggest wish currently is that the tournaments be seeded by placement. This system would prevent most … More Tourney Wishlist

Guild Wishlist

Expanded guild options are one of the most highly requested features for development, so I decided to explain in greater detail what I would like to see from guilds in the future. Invitation-Only Guilds: Guilds are currently of two types – open and closed. Closed guilds are next to useless because no one can currently … More Guild Wishlist

Ideas For The Future

Hello everyone, JuiceTin here! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything for the blog, so I thought I’d give a quick informal list of various suggestions I’ve seen various people on discord make in the #featurewishlist chat, as well as some of my own ideas, since content is a little dry right now. … More Ideas For The Future

Move Balancing

Ahem Big List incoming, with opinions on every single move in the game, in alphabetical order —   Break Kick — break kick is almost perfectly balanced. It is a niche move, with great potential, however, its huge endlag and the fact it does not work all the time off of throw and grab suplex … More Move Balancing

Scavenger Hunt

To commemorate the Fanblog’s 8-month anniversary, we put together a little scavenger hunt for you all. There is a list of questions below, so try to get the best time for finding all the answers. (Hint: all of the answers can be found on either a post or a page of this site) Currently, Captain … More Scavenger Hunt

Tournament Fights

This post is a little late, but I hope you all will enjoy a compilation of the fights posted on the Smash Supreme discord. If you haven’t joined it yet, you can access it via the settings menu in-game. Mithiran ended up winning the SEA tournament, Chete conquered EU, and ScubaSteve took the NA crown. … More Tournament Fights