Deck Spotlight #1 – Rank 4+ Mars Deck —- OUTDATED

Hey guys, today I am showcasing a deck that I use a lot. It’s a great deck against most people. It even beat two of the best players in the game! I hope you’ll use it! Cards used: Uppercut Grenade Kick Flurry Slide Kick Throw Knockback Fireball Mega Punch Possible combos: Uppercut + Grenade Uppercut … More Deck Spotlight #1 – Rank 4+ Mars Deck —- OUTDATED

Combo moves.

This is an important aspect in any fighter game. No combo moves, no guaranteed win. Spamming all the moves is a choice, but making combos makes it pay off. To start off as an example, we use Finn. Werbo is our target. As a classic, we would use the Punch Flurry, Knockout and Haymaker. I … More Combo moves.