Move Balancing

Ahem Big List incoming, with opinions on every single move in the game, in alphabetical order —   Break Kick — break kick is almost perfectly balanced. It is a niche move, with great potential, however, its huge endlag and the fact it does not work all the time off of throw and grab suplex … More Move Balancing

Scavenger Hunt

To commemorate the Fanblog’s 8-month anniversary, we put together a little scavenger hunt for you all. There is a list of questions below, so try to get the best time for finding all the answers. (Hint: all of the answers can be found on either a post or a page of this site) Currently, Captain … More Scavenger Hunt

Tournament Fights

This post is a little late, but I hope you all will enjoy a compilation of the fights posted on the Smash Supreme discord. If you haven’t joined it yet, you can access it via the settings menu in-game. Mithiran ended up winning the SEA tournament, Chete conquered EU, and ScubaSteve took the NA crown. … More Tournament Fights


We all love to complain about the state of the game, more specifically, the meta, so I’d figure I’d give you all a chance to voice your opinions. There may be more polls in the future if this one is a success, so please take it seriously. Of course, all of this is to be … More Metas

Gold Guide

Since a Gem Guide was just written last week, it seemed a good idea to write about the other form of currency in Smash Supreme – gold. Gold is much less valuable than gems, but there are just as many things that you can buy with gold exclusively. These are move levels, equipment levels, and … More Gold Guide

Post Schedule

Hello all, Butler and I have come up with an official schedule for this blog. The new schedule is as follows: A new post every Sunday (about whatever) A Deja Review 5 days after an update The Updated Tier List 10 days after an update We believe that this schedule is a huge step up … More Post Schedule

Gem Guide

Gems are by far the most valuable resource in Smash Supreme. They can buy anything in-game, from gold to cards to equipment and more. Their incredible buying power makes it important to optimize how you spend them, so that you aren’t wasting months of saving (for a free-to-play player) or your hard-earned money. Currently, this … More Gem Guide