New Mode!

A new game mode was recently hinted at by the devs: campaign mode! While I don’t know what this mode really is/has yet, I am beyond excited for this next update! Pictures are below (click the title to expand this post to see the pictures!)

Administrator Introduction – Captain Falcon

  Hello everyone! Since Butler introduced himself, I guess I will, too! This may seem very similar to Butler’s, since I copied his post and added in my own information. Name: Captain Falcon Explanation for Name: Captain Falcon was actually not my first choice for this game. Ryu, from Street Fighter, was, despite me not playing any … More Administrator Introduction – Captain Falcon

Wish List

Butler here again. With the game in beta mode currently, I decided to write a post about what I would love to see in future versions of this game. Remember that I’m writing this from version 0.3.3, so many of the likely options have not been added yet. Friendly Matches – This would be a … More Wish List

High vs Low Moves

Hey guys/girls, Butler here again. In Smash Supreme, there are a few main types of moves. There are moves that are passive, like Mortarbot and Reflect, moves that hit high, like Knockback and Uppercut, and moves that hit low, like Triple Kick and Slide Kick. This post focuses on the differences between high- and low-hitting … More High vs Low Moves