High vs Low Moves

Hey guys/girls, Butler here again. In Smash Supreme, there are a few main types of moves. There are moves that are passive, like Mortarbot and Reflect, moves that hit high, like Knockback and Uppercut, and moves that hit low, like Triple Kick and Slide Kick. This post focuses on the differences between high- and low-hitting … More High vs Low Moves

Deck Spotlight #1 – Rank 4+ Mars Deck —- OUTDATED

Hey guys, today I am showcasing a deck that I use a lot. It’s a great deck against most people. It even beat two of the best players in the game! I hope you’ll use it! Cards used: Uppercut Grenade Kick Flurry Slide Kick Throw Knockback Fireball Mega Punch Possible combos: Uppercut + Grenade Uppercut … More Deck Spotlight #1 – Rank 4+ Mars Deck —- OUTDATED

Combo moves.

This is an important aspect in any fighter game. No combo moves, no guaranteed win. Spamming all the moves is a choice, but making combos makes it pay off. To start off as an example, we use Finn. Werbo is our target. As a classic, we would use the Punch Flurry, Knockout and Haymaker. I … More Combo moves.