Deja Review: Update 0.4.0/1

Welcome to a new update review series, Deja Review! Hopefully after every major update we will be able to upload a review of what we liked (The Good), what we didn’t like (The Bad), and what we currently have no really strong feelings about (The Okay). The name is supposed to be a play on words of Deja Vu, which is commonly defined as having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. We chose the name because we hope that some of these opinions are the same as yours, but at the same time, we hope to spark discussion about changes made in the update. We will be writing these review posts several days after the updates, so the stuff we are writing about will have already been experienced by you all.

So, a major update dropped on the 28th of July, and we are here to share my opinions on several of the new features, balance changes, and bug squashes.

The Good:

A large change came in the form of the new moves Mirror Kick and Grab Suplex. Both of these moves are very fast cards and serve as an extra utility slot in a deck. Mirror Kick is a Finn-exclusive move that serves as a reflect option. Mirror Kick is very fast and deals a moderate amount of damage. Grab Suplex is a second throwing card, and is much faster than Throw, but lacks some of the damage Throw has. To see my full opinions on these cards, please visit the tentative tier list.
Butler’s Beliefs: I enjoy using Mirror Kick, unfortunately I have yet to unlock Grab Suplex. Mirror Kick is definitely one of the best cards in the game, if not the best. I now use a Finn build with Mirror Kick as one of its core cards, which I may post later in the week. This change is: Clean (5/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: I love Mirror Kick and believe it is one of the best cards in the game. Unfortunately, I do not have grab suplex yet, but it seems well-balanced currently. I’m always a fan of new moves, so I rate this change as Falcon Fabulous (5/5)

One of the biggest changes this update is equipment, which can be collected through daily equipment crates (cost: 60 gems; cooldown: 24 hours) and through victory crates (cost: 10 round victories; cooldown: 24 hours). These pieces of equipment come in the common, rare, epic, and legendary variety, just like cards, and can be upgraded as well. However, these pieces of equipment don’t only make your fighter better, they also make your fighter worse. Some pieces of equipment have powerful debuffs to balance even more powerful buffs. Also, starting at level 2, equipment becomes recolored based on fighters’ dyes.
Butler’s Beliefs: I really like the new equipment. This is definitely an improvement to the game. I like that it can be leveled, but at the same time is prohibitively expensive, preventing a massive amount of equipment improvements all at once. Equipment will definitely change the way the game is played, allowing for more projectile zoning decks and more decks that aim to prolong matches. This change is: Squeaky Clean (6/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: The new equipment is really nice and adds lots of depth and diversity to the game — with equipment, every game will be different, and deck spread should be more diverse, as each piece of equipment gives its own buff. I also like the level system currently, but that may change once people start getting equipment level 4 or 5. The new victory crate is amazing for people like me, who have high-level cards, but it may not be perfect for lower-level opponents. All in all, despite a few bugs with the equipment crate, this change is Falcon Favorable (4/5)

We also got new animations for Fireball (it is blue now) and Break Kick (a fancy flip at the end)!
Butler’s Beliefs: I like the new animations, but they weren’t really needed. Break Kick has no other noticeable change besides the flip, which doesn’t really look spectacular when sped up to actual gameplay speed. Fireball has a recolor, but no real rework. All in all, this change is: Serviceable (4/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: The new colors are fancy, and I love the uppercut animation, but fancy isn’t what is really needed right now. The flip to break kick can be confusing, but I feel it is better than the slow drag of the foot previously. Overall, while I feel this change was not necessary quite yet, it is still Falcon Fabulous (5/5)

Rank icons were revamped this update. These new icons divide the ranks into Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, with levels inside each, such as Silver 2 or Gold 3.
Butler’s Beliefs: These icons, while confusing at first, are a really neat change. There is now no need to worry about whether Green signifies rank 3 or 4 or 5, or if Red is 4 or 5, or if Brown is….and so on. This change is: Clean (5/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: I love the new icons. Now if only I can remember the order… Overall, this change is Falcon Favorable (4/5)

Another two improvements added in were speed improvements worldwide and a number of visual improvements.
Butler’s Beliefs: Change of this sort is always Clean (5/7).
Falcon’s Feelings: Change is good. This rates as Falcon Favorable (4/5)

A new arena was also put in, viewable (and playable on) by fighters in the Gold Ranks or above.
Butler’s Beliefs: The new arena is pretty awesome. I feel sad for those poor souls not in Gold or above because they still have the old arena. I love all the detail that went into the design, down to the Werbo head in the background. I feel that this arena is much better at fitting in style-wise with the game. The design is cool but not overbearing, and the effort is clearly visible. This change is: Squeaky Clean (6/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: The new arena is awesome, and I love the change. However, it seems bugs, such as the stuck walking bug, and the stuck out of bounds error occur more frequently in this one for some reason. Also, I would rather things like this be put in closer to release, with an emphasis on features during early access. Overall, this change is Falcon Fair (3/5)

The Okay:

There was also a Portuguese translation!
Butler’s Beliefs: So, I don’t speak Portuguese, but translations are always nice. This change isServiceable (4/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: Yay translations! This change is Falcon Favorable (4/5)

There were, of course, bugfixes.
Butler’s Beliefs: Quick clean-ups are always good. You shouldn’t have ants or any other sort of insect in an otherwise Pristine game. This change is: Clean (5/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: Bugfixes are good. However, many still slipped through the cracks. This change is Falcon Fair (3/5)

Every update brings new bugs to the table, but besides one game-breaking bug involving Grab Suplex, and a couple of minor bugs pertaining to the move as well, the majority of “new” bugs this update are versions of old bugs. The majority of these should be easily squashed.
Butler’s Beliefs: Well, bugs are to be expected. Every update will bring new challenges, and bugs are to be expected in Early Access. However, the game-breaking bug with Grab Suplex is a major one, basically ending a round. This change is: Grimy (3/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: I feel that this update did better than expected with making sure no new bugs come in. However, a lot of old ones still remain. Once again, I feel this change is Falcon Fair (3/5)

The Bad:

In-game streaming options were implemented, giving players a chance to broadcast their skills to the univese. Now, fighters can broadcast their skills through YouTube or Twitch, which should greatly increase the community of the game.
Butler’s Beliefs: It would be nice if the YouTube option worked and if the Twitch option didn’t cause large lag on your device. I really hope that this gets revised soon because this streaming is a great idea. For now, this change is: Messy (2/7)
Falcon’s Feelings: I haven’t gotten either of these to work. So, for now, unfortunately, I will have to rate this a Falcon Failure (1/5)

Move Changes:
In the future, move ranking changes will be greatly explained here, instead of the tier list. This will list what got better or worse, and the reason therein, while the tier list will just explain good or bad attributes of the card.



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