Administrator Introduction – Captain Falcon


Hello everyone! Since Butler introduced himself, I guess I will, too!
This may seem very similar to Butler’s, since I copied his post and added in my own information.

Image result for the blue falcon rises

Name: Captain Falcon

Explanation for Name: Captain Falcon was actually not my first choice for this game. Ryu, from Street Fighter, was, despite me not playing any actual Street Fighter titles. The closest I have come is Super Smash Brothers 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom Series. The name Captain Falcon used to be my go-to username in any fighting game. However, that stopped almost immediately after Super Smash Brothers 4 came out, as I had only ‘mained’ Captain Falcon in Melee and Brawl. I mostly play Ike, Mii Gunner (nicknamed Protoman — my favorite fictional character), and, surprise surprise, Ryu in Smash 4. Therefore, Captain Falcon as a username fell by the wayside for a while, becoming a secondary username. However, I am glad I ended up as Captain Falcon — the sheer name recognition alone intimidates my opponents — I am now playing as the coolest of the cool, the mighty Captain Falcon! And, to loosely quote him: “You think you can beat me in a fight? No way!”

Server: NA

Guild: Chaotic Neutral

Favorite Smash Supreme Character: Mars, because he is the only one able to play grenadify, the build I invented (and Paragal coined), which is now the meta build in both EU and SEA. Despite my constant playing, NA has not really picked up this build yet.

Age: 18

Siblings: Butler is 4 minutes younger than me.

Occupation: I am currently employed part-time at a candy and ice cream shop. I will be a full-time student starting this fall at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I plan to study Computer Science, but I don’t really know what I want to do with my life yet. Running an old-timey diner or ice cream shop would be cool, but I might go crazy after a while.

Hobbies: I play piano a lot, despite taking a break recently. I mainly play either video game or movie themes, as I never really got into classical music. I also enjoy reading, tennis, coding, and anything involving working with my hands (such as woodworking, etc) despite being a massive klutz and ruining whatever I touch.

Favorite Video Game: Super Smash Brothers 4. Hands-down. Smash Supreme is my favorite mobile game, though.

Favorite Video Game Character: Protoman, from the Mega Man series.

Favorite Book: The Artemis Fowl or Harry Potter series, but my favorite ‘obscure’ book is Chance Fortune and the Outlaws. That book also extends into a pretty good series, but the first book is killer.

Favorite Movie: Despicable Me. I also enjoy superhero movies.

Favorite TV Show: The Flash — I don’t watch many other shows.

Favorite Cartoon: Tom and Jerry.

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese.

Favorite Snack: Cape Cod Potato Chips or dry roasted peanuts.

Favorite Meal: Pizza and a movie, or homemade mac and cheese.

Favorite Animal: Probably a red fox. But I also like leopards.

Favorite Mythical Animal/Creature: If ‘creature’ extends far enough, I’d say Hermes. If not, then I’d say reanimated skeletons.

Top Leaderboard Rank: #1 several times.

Current Leaderboard Rank: #9. I’m not that active right now. I was #3 for most of the first season.

When did I start playing Smash Supreme?: I started Smash Supreme the day after Early Access was released. That would be around the later middle of May 2017.

How did I find this game?: Butler told me to download it because “it was fun.” Very convincing argument, I’d say.

What drew me to keep playing it?: It is fun.

Why am I posting about it?: I would like to grow the community, and blogging is a good, easy way to do it. I don’t record matches (and am chronically camera shy), so this is a good compromise. I don’t have long until college, so I would like to become as well-known as possible because I may not have time to do stuff like this in a few months.

Why do I feel qualified for this blog?: I have many years of website development under my belt, and am certified by the W3C for website development. I also came 2nd in state (partnered with my brother) for Internet Applications. Game-wise, I am very good.

What else do I do related to Smash Supreme?: I helped write the comprehensive fan lore, which can be found here. I blog and record data as well.

Who do I keep beating up in the arena?: JuiceBox, who plays well against me, although he may not think that.

Next Tournament Prediction: Me. You heard it here second. I am the next tourney winner if I can participate.


Any other questions? Ask in the comments!



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