Administrator Introduction – Butler


Hey all! After all the posts I’ve written, I figured that I should introduce myself.

Name: Butler

Explanation for Name: Well, Butler is the guardian of Artemis Fowl. The Artemis Fowl book series happens to be one of my favorite series that I have read. When I was thinking of what character could both dish out and take lots of punishment, he came to mind. If you haven’t read the Artemis Fowl series, I would highly recommend it (obviously). One becomes a Butler by birth (it is a surname – first names go unrevealed), and then after rigorous training with Madame Ko, earns a blue diamond tattoo which signifies the completion of their training. Artemis Fowl’s Butler was the youngest Butler ever to receive the tattoo and is the second-best martial artist in the world. Saying he is armed and dangerous is a very large understatement.

Server: NA

Guild: !(Lawful Combatant) or Chaotic Neutral. Take your pick. They are the same. The ! is an opposite in Java, the opposite of Lawful is Chaotic, and the antonym of Combatant is Neutral. Therefore, !(Lawful Combatant) == Chaotic Neutral.

Favorite Character: I love my Finn build, also known as Butler’s Mop (you can find it here). However, I play Mars right now because he is the meta. I look forward to move balancing, which should even some things out a bit.

Age: 18

Siblings: Captain Falcon is 4 minutes older than me.

Occupation: I am currently employed part-time at a candy and ice cream shop. I will be a full-time student starting this fall at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I plan to study Computer Science, and I hope to focus on video game programming.

Hobbies: I play piano on-and-off. I would play more but I have a wrist injury similar to carpal tunnel. I also enjoy reading all sorts of books, I play tennis on-and-off (more off recently), I like to write (which is part of the reason that I blog), and I enjoy coding.

Favorite Video Game: Sorry guys, I’ve got to say the Super Smash Brothers series due to the amount of time that I have invested in it. I main Captain Falcon and Pikachu. I also like playing Donkey Kong, Ganondorf, Toon Link, and Mewtwo. I want to get better at Lucario. Smash Supreme comes close, though.

Favorite Book: Hmmm………..Why don’t you guess this one?

Favorite Movie: That’s tough. Probably Captain America, but I like almost all superhero movies.

Favorite TV Show: The Flash, it is pretty much the only show I watch.

Favorite Food: Ice cream.

Favorite Snack: Ice cream.

Favorite Meal: Ice cream.

Favorite Animal: I’m partial to mythical creatures. I like Phoenixes a lot.

Top Leaderboard Rank: #1 for about 1 day, back near the very beginning. I think I had 20k ELO or something similar.

Current Leaderboard Rank: #12. I’m not that active right now. I was #3-4 for most of the first season.

When did I start playing Smash Supreme?: I started Smash Supreme the day after Early Access was released. That would be around the later middle of May 2017.

How did I find this game?: I generally browse Early Access games about once every month or so. It was just dumb luck that I started as early as I did.

What drew me to keep playing it?: Well, I happened to get quite good at it, and one thing led to another, and now I write blog posts about it.

Why am I posting about it?: I would like to grow the community, and blogging is a good, easy way to do it. I don’t record matches (and am chronically camera shy), so this is a good compromise. I don’t have long until college, so I would like to become as well-known as possible because I may not have time to do stuff like this in a few months.

Why do I feel qualified for this blog?: I like to write, so this is one of the main contributions that I can make. I have many years of website development under my belt, and am certified by the W3C for website development. I also came 2nd in state (partnered with my brother) for Internet Applications. Game-wise, I have done much experimentation with builds and moves, and generally stay in the top 10. I also was runner-up for the NA tournament.

What else do I do related to Smash Supreme?: I helped write the comprehensive fan lore, which can be found here. I also have done max damage calculations (the theoretical max sits around 27k damage). I blog (of course), and I record data (about 550 matches have been recorded). Overall, I am very active in the community, and will hopefully stay that way.

Who do I keep beating up in the arena?: JuiceBox wanted me to put his name here.

Next Tournament Prediction: Alright, this is a long answer. NA is going to be between TBAGG, Butler, Captain Falcon, Paragal, MedCity, JuiceBox, Woodie, Nao, Suikai, OneAutomnLeaf, Poslan and a couple of other wildcards. Justinian is out – he always has something going on, so he may not make the tournament. I would also say that Suikai is out – he is a wildcard, and most people on the list have consistent wins against him. I would say that MedCity would most likely be out as well, by JuiceBox or Captain Falcon. Nao is taken out by Paragal. Either Woodie or TBAGG will advance, they seem to play each other a lot. I win against OneAutomnLeaf. We will say TBAGG because he is ranked higher. That leaves TBAGG, Butler, Captain Falcon, Paragal, Juicebox, and Poslan left. JuiceBox beats Paragal. TBAGG loses to Captain Falcon. Butler beats Poslan. It comes down to Butler, JuiceBox, and Captain Falcon, and I would take Captain Falcon out of those three. Butler and JuiceBox generally play really close matches, and Butler can beat Captain Falcon, but Captain Falcon has history of beating the other two.

Therefore, I think Captain Falcon will win the next tournament, unless he is bugged out again.


Any other questions? Ask in the comments!



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