Wish List

Butler here again. With the game in beta mode currently, I decided to write a post about what I would love to see in future versions of this game. Remember that I’m writing this from version 0.3.3, so many of the likely options have not been added yet.

  • Friendly Matches – This would be a fun one. I imagine that there would have to be some sort of friend system for it, or have it only open to guildmates. If you could just challenge anyone, I could imagine top players’ inboxes being flooded with requests. In this mode, no ELO would be gained or lost, making it the ideal place to experiment with decks. Perhaps even a separate queue would be a good option eventually, once more players join the game.
  • Season Updates – Perhaps once the game reaches version 1.0, we will have a season clock timer, maybe every season is a month, or even every 2 weeks. Small rewards would be given for placements, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you missed a season. At the end of the season, balancing would take place based on the really popular decks, nothing major, but enough to shake up the meta a little bit.
  • Move Balancing – Some will still be more viable than others, but moves like counter and windmill and pulse could see play as well. Right now, the meta is dominated by vanilla Finn builds, OTG Mars builds, and an occasional grenadify here and there. It would be nice to see some more diversity.
  • Streaming – We have heard that there will be a streaming service in-game, but I will withhold a large description because I don’t really know what to expect for it yet.
  • Werbo Moves – Perhaps some moves with new mechanics, Finn seems to do a lot of punches, Mia has a lot of quick tricks up her sleeve, Mars is well-rounded in projectiles, defense, and offense, so maybe Werbo should have juggles? throws? I don’t know myself, but I would love to have Werbo have some sort of unique mechanics.
  • Fixed Crate Drop Rates – I already have almost all of my commons level 10, and my rares are getting there. At this rate, I will soon not need loot crates, and eventually, rare crates won’t give me anything either. Jumbos are just better rares, so those are out. I would be reliant upon legendaries and incredibles, and the only reliable way of getting those are in the shop, seeing as I haven’t gotten any from matches yet. I see why incredibles are so rare, but perhaps make legendaries a little bit more common?
  • Rewards for Playing Matches – Nothing major, maybe something like 20 gold every 3 wins. Something similar to Hearthstone. It goes without saying, but more rewards make the game more fun, and gives a sense of progress.
  • Shop Changes – If crate drop rates don’t change, how about putting an epic card in the shop every now and then? Because if I can’t upgrade anything, I’ll want to spend my gold on something. Perhaps even a small crate that gives you a chance at something good, like a mystery chest? It could give commons, rares, epics, specials, crate keys (to unlock a crate in your slots instantly), gems, gold, and so on.
  • Guild Changes – The more options we have to customize guilds, the better. The system is kind of rudimentary now, but I can see a future where guilds can be fully customized, in every way imaginable.
  • Leaderboard Changes – Region-separated leaderboards would be nice. I don’t really care about _insertnamehere_’s spot on the leaderboard if I can’t do anything about it. I care about the positions of the people that I can fight.
  • More Tournaments – The first tournament was awesome! I look forward to more.
  • A News Bulletin/Inbox – Chronicles fight requests, honors community members, gives recent news, and anything else important happening.
  • Double Free Chests – Store 2 at once. The more, the merrier.
  • ELO Changes – There will never be a perfect system, but right now, whoever plays the most gets the most. It shouldn’t feel that way. The most skilled should be up there as well as the most dedicated.
  • In-Game Stats – See your averages and recent fight statistics (it would make recording data a lot easier). It could track total fights you have played, wins, and so on.
  • Equipment/Emotes/Dyes – The more options, the merrier. To be able to build a truly unique character would be really awesome. (Just don’t give away the champion golem shoulders, I worked hard for that thing)
  • New Crate – Equipment Crates. A crate that offers the chance to get equipment. It would have a small amount of gems and gold, but the main draw would be a small chance to get new equipment.
  • Daily Missions – Earn Cards/Gold/Gems. They could be as easy as ‘win 5 games’ or as hard as ‘Win with 1 hp left’. Rewards could scale appropriately. We could get 1 free reshuffle, but further ones could cost gems or gold.
  • New Mode – Random Battle. Get a random fighter with random moves and a random emote/dye/equipment combination and face off against another one. Cards that you don’t have are automatically level 1, but cards you do have keep their levels. Your level still determines health. Super casual, quick gameplay. No ELO gain or loss.
  • More Moves – Obviously.
  • New Mode – Hardcore Battle. All buffs/debuffs last twice as long, all moves are max levels, even specials. Create a deck by choosing 1 of 2 cards each time, moves can repeat (double knockback for instance) (7 normal picks, 1 special) and then slug it out in an epic battle with 15k health. No time limit. Pay x gold to enter, if you win, you get x+50 gold, if not, you lose the gold.
  • Guild Wars – We already have a leaderboard, but let’s make it even more competitive.
  • New Characters – Once again: the more, the merrier.
  • Bug Fixes – Let’s get an exterminator in here.
  • Seasonal Maps – Wouldn’t that be awesome? Thanks to Captain Falcon for the idea!
  • Unique Character Attributes – Finn is an “honest brawler”, so he has definitely had fighting experience. He could be more durable. Mia is a ninja, perhaps she could have a couple sped up moves. Character attributes would make characters unique not only for their moves, but for what they can do. More diversity! Thanks to Ja Foaw for the idea!
  • Gladiator Mode – Pay gold to enter the coliseum! All fighters and moves are equally leveled. The more fights you win, the bigger your reward will be! Thanks to Jazz for the idea!

That wraps my list up. What would you like to see? Post in the comments and I will add your ideas to the list!


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